Parenting our Babies Alone

Introducing the Project

Within the west Edmonton community there is tremendous capacity and talent amongst the single parent community. These parents have developed incredible coping skills and abilities related to parenting their children as a lone parent and many have managed to adapt and even thrive in their challenges and we, at Families Living Well Society (FLWS), wanted to know more about how they were able to accomplish this. This report summarizes our findings from sixteen single parents who participated in one of three focus groups. We believe the time you invest in reading this abstract and if possible the full report and executive summary, will be valuable and insightful to you. (The full report and an executive summary can be downloaded through the links on the side.)

Download the full report here:

Our Hypothesis Question

How do single parents find, engage and/or create resources to meet the needs of their pre-school children? What were these resources? Where were the gaps?

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is an 8 page document that includes various summaries of findings from the full report.

“Community really helped when I was able to accept a certain amount of help and trust they wouldn’t let me down. I took “little steps” which helped me find my fighting spirit. I connected with somebody who actually believed in me, so I was able to believe in myself!”
–Wisdom expressed by a focus group participant

Summaries include:
  • Relationships and Social Connection
  • Pre-School Development
  • Food, Shelter and Transportation
  • Personal Resilience
  • Participants Ideas and Solutions

Preliminary Report

The preliminary report is the overall, long form, 28-page document with a deeper richer analysis of the findings from the Parenting Our Babies Alone Project.

Outlined within this report are underlying areas of curiosity about living with poverty, the specific questions asked in the focus groups, the project overview to date, future exploration and action, as well as overview of data related to the specific topics raised in the focus groups.

Below is an excerpt from the Preliminary Report, from an Overview of Wisdom Imparted to Future or Current Single Parented Families.

What words of wisdom would you impart upon a single parent who is currently raising their pre-school child?

Overview of wisdom imparted to future or current single parented families.

  • Don’t give up….when your baby is crying…when you can’t get a job…when someone puts you down…don’t give up until you achieve what you want in life.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Don’t allow people to keep you as a victim.
  • Be discerning and share only with trustworthy people
  • Build your resource base.
  • Don’t trust everybody with your children.
  • There are good books that can help you build your knowledge.
  • Don’t be afraid to cry…sometime that’s all you can do.
  • There are resources out there…take advantage of these resources.
  • We (single parents) are resourceful.
  • Learn to let go.

Download the documents above to learn more about the insights and findings from the Parenting Our Babies Alone Project.