For Youth

Kid’s Zone

Programming is provided for youth aged 5-12 while the parents are meeting. During these program times youth build relationships with leaders and other children in a safe and supportive environment. Typically, program themes are developed for the year. These themes facilitate teaching children about themselves and the world around them. Children are registered for one of the clubs of their interest, which include:

  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Arts Club
  • Master Chef Club
  • Sports Club

The youth to leader ratio is kept low to allow opportunity for volunteers to establish relationships with the children and mentor them.

7-UP Group

This program has been developed for youth ages 13-17 to provide them with opportunities to develop friendships with other youth in a positive environment and to enhance their understanding of the community around them. Youth interact with their community by engaging activities focused on understanding others, building relationships with those in their community and giving back to community.

Typically these activities include visiting senior’s homes, making gifts and delivering them to shut-ins, planting flowers at a church, putting up Christmas lights at a group home and collecting items for homeless people. Special activities such as sports and crafts also facilitate the youth group’s bonding