Patron Sponsorship Initiative

Become a Patron of Families Living Well Society

For a $1000.00 donation your group will be able to provide a whole night of support and resources for lone parented families.

Program Patrons are not just businesses and social organizations, Patrons can also be your family, office staff, or neighbors. For a $250.00 donation your group can sponsor an activity or meal for the night. We encourage you to consider getting together with your group and become part of a night of programming. We know once you experience the warmth and sharing of our single parent community you will want to come back again.

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For more information on the benefits of becoming a patron, download our brochure below. Patron Sponsorship Initiative Brochure

Question & Answer

If I become a Program Patron what are my obligations?

There are no obligations above and beyond providing the funding for the night of programming. There is however an opportunity for your group or staff to help out as well as an opportunity to become an annual program patron.

What if my group/business wants to get more involved?

If your staff or community group wants to have more of a connection and hands-on experience we can arrange to make this happen in a manner that provides all parties with a meaningful experience.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Absolutely! Families Living Well is a registered charity and a not for profit society. All donations over $25.00 will have a tax receipt provided.

What can our group expect in return for our patronage?

Aside from the satisfaction of knowing that your dollars are being well spent to support lone parented families and their children, you will receive recognition on the FLWS website as well as recognition at the event.

What are some of the ways we could participate?

The way your staff or group could help out might be by connecting with a family, helping out with an activity, meal preparation, and event set up or clean up.

Thank you to our patrons for their generous sponsorship.