About Us

Families Living Well Society is an Edmonton non profit organization whose goal is to provide love, care and encouragement to single parents and their families in a safe and healthy environment.

Our Mission

Families Living Well has been serving single parent families for over 25 years, providing sustainable and well resourced programs to support single parents and their children.

We are composed of a network of volunteers from all walks of life who play an active role in the delivery of programs and services. Over 75 volunteers participate throughout the year in activities.


In 1984 a small, but dedicated group of volunteers decided that there had been enough talk about the issue of single parenting and they took action. The Single Parent Support program grew out of a commitment to life and recognized that some of those who chose life for their children also needed an ongoing support base that was not provided by the community at that time.

The growing ‘word of mouth’ approval has swelled the program’s capacity. The demand for services motivated the change toward incorporation of a non-profit organization. A small, but dedicated group of volunteers form the Families Living Well Society.

Governed by a board of directors, and powered entirely by volunteers, the Families Living Well Society is maintaining and developing sustainable, well resourced programs that will serve families effectively for the next 27 years and beyond.

We encourage you to take the time to reflect upon the depth and breadth of impact this humble little program has upon the single parent community.